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From: Foreign Policy Advisor Western Europe Clark Clark

New Sensitive Information from PFUK emails #2

Good Evening all,

After receiving two new emails from PFUK, Western Europe was able to find new coordinates embedded in the email. At this time, I am only able to determine the location from the coordinates and the time, unable to determine Date:



Date: 0405

Time: 01:00

Follow link for exact location: Location

This location is HQ for The Foundation of Pablo Atchugarry. Importance of this location is unknown at this time.


Will continue to find any significants of location and find more about the date.

Please confirm that this was received.


Thank you,

Austin Clark

Foreign Policy Advisor to Western Europe


  1. NATO Janes Weekly

    Message received. Sec of Defense advises action to gain further intelligence starting at locations revealed in communication intercepts. Current sec of defense budget is $100,000k.

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