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From: Foreign Policy Advisor Western Europe Clark Clark

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This is an update to an email sent a few hours ago from last report of information. New information just received from PFUK communication that was captured by US Intelligence indicates a Time and a Date.

Time: 01:00 (Time zone unclear at this time)

Date: 12 Oct 2017

Location: (No Change in location) For exact location follow link – Foundation Pablo Atchugarry

Exact coordinates from both emails:  -34.866092 and -54.821547


Western Europe has graciously offers any assistance that the US may need in assisting in the recovering President Widzer. We will continue to monitor the situation with any new information and will immediately share that with persons in the need to know. Please let us know that this correspondence was received.

Thank you and Good Luck,

Austin Clark

Foreign Policy Advisor to Western Europe

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