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To Whom it may concern:


Greetings. I have received information about an upcoming US action in the Middle East. This may present a problem to you as you will soon discover.


I have a potential solution. We can grant you a small loaуда of $1 million dollars (just like the last President before Widzer so humbly stated about ha-ha!)


We offer you this money because likewise, we find the US as a pain in the ass as much as you and would like them out of the region and gone from their usual meddling. We also would like to see a strong Syria. After all wouldn’t you like to see yourselves independent, stronger and totally in control of your destiny? Then again, who really is control of their destiny or if one even has one?


The only catch is that we would like to see some action on your part against these potential, *ahem* forces before we hand out the loan.


IF you decide to agree to this do something and quick… I’ll be able to tell once I see all the commotion from the rest of the world and especially the US.


I’ll message you back after this, my feelings, etc. then I’ll send the money.


Take care,

your concerned neighbor

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