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Migrant Crisis North America





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Humanitarian Bulletin

America’s-November 7, 2017

13:00 EST (UTC+5:00)

Subject: Mass migration from Venezuela to North America

Event: With the lack of food, medicine, and security in Venezuela thousands have started migrating out of Venezuela. These migrants either go through Central America or through the Caribbean to enter into Mexico. The majority of Migrants, around 8,000, find themselves stuck in Mexico While another 5,000 seem to be making their way across the US Mexico boarder. Canada has reported not seeing any Venezuelan migrants as of now. This is only the first wave of migrants but another 10,000 are expected to be making their way across Central America into North America.

Action: It is recommended that the US immediately declares these migrants refugees due to the extreme persecution under Nicolas Maduro. North and South American international aid agencies should be deployed asap in order to curve the migrant crisis. It is also recommended for the US to ask for help from the UNHCR in monitoring, processing asylum and refugee applications, and maintaining peace. The UN and international aid workers should focus resources on train tracks in Mexico, as is known to be the primary method of migration into the US.

Est. Cost for Humanitarian Aid response: $75,000


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