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From: Russian Federation

Letter of Response to US Foreign Policy Advisor W Europe

Good Evening Mr.Clark ,

I just earlier received information on NATO sending in 15,000 troops into Romania near the border. Our troops have been stationed nearby Romania and other partnering states due to Russia and Belarus’s joint Zapad Military Games conducted earlier in September through October. This has continued due to the fact of the Russian Federations continued cooperation with Belarus and other partnering states in enhancing the defense potential and military security. The troop build up has nothing to do directly with Romania other than the fact of our own sovereign right to defense.

You know very well that there has been NATO and US military build up in response to the Zapad Games and other Russian Federation military exercises. This does not come as a surprise to us. In the immediate vicinity of our borders NATO has been building up its military presence, deploying extra military contingents and concentrating offensive armaments. Large-scale exercises are held on the regular basis. The infrastructures of seaports, airdromes and other facilities is being upgraded.

This is not productive and Russia does not wish to get involved with a military confrontation with the West.
we are prepared to conduct a constructive dialogue on the entire range of security issues, first and foremost, those concerning the struggle against world terrorism

– Ambassador for the Russian Federation~ Наталья Корбо

  1. Oceana Region Washington Post

    Thank you Ambassador,
    I am glad to hear that dialog is open and we are able to begin talks about security. We understand the concern you have about security and the threat that global terrorism has on you and other countries. Let me assure you that we are doing everything in our power to coordinate with local governments in finding any actor that wishes to conduct themselves against global unity. We look forward to future talks. Please let me know when it would be best to conduct these talks in person, so our teams can coordinate a venue and give us plenty of time to work out these concerns.

    Thank you,
    Austin Clark
    Foreign Policy Advisor Western Europe

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