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From: Interpol Special Agent Capolungo

Further Spending May Indicate Arms Race

This report is particularly important for more than just the future of space policies in the United States.  President Trump has called for an even larger defense spending budget for 2019.  In every category, including space, their is a significant increase in weapon spending.  This may indicate the global arms race may grow bigger.  Other technologies, such as an updated ICBM Missile, is being counted for in this budget.  More spending in space will eventually lead to further weapons in space and start another arms race in space.

Fiscal Year 2019 Defense Spending Briefing Book

The Fiscal Year 2019 Budget in Context


President Trump’s Fiscal Year 2019 budget requests $617.1 billion for the Defense Department’s annual “base” discretionary budget, which is more than $90 billion higher than FY 18 enacted levels. This amount does not include certain other security spending, including funding for nuclear weapons-related work in the Department of Energy. Nor does it include an additional request of $69.0 billion for the Pentagon’s portion of the Overseas Contingency Operations (OCO) account – also referred to as “war funding.”

Including all of these accounts, the total national defense discretionary spending request is $714.9 billion. As an uncapped account, the OCO fund is often used to push military and other spending above the maximum levels allowed by law.

Nuclear Modernization and Non-Proliferation

The request increases funding for nuclear weapons refurbishment plans, which aim to overhaul and maintain the entire nuclear arsenal at a cost of approximately $1.7 trillion over 30 years, adjusted for inflation. This plan includes funding for a new long-range bomber, a new nuclear-capable cruise missile, a new ballistic missile submarine program, an updated land-based intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM), and their associated warheads. Actualizing these plans will likely result in decreased funding for conventional military capabilities.

The budget also proposes a $50 million cut to the Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation account compared to the amount estimated for FY 2018. These cuts include a $6 million reduction of the Global Material Security program, which works to reduce and protect vulnerable nuclear and radiological material located around the globe, and a further $19 million cut for nonproliferation research and development.

The President’s Request

Discretionary Defense Request for Fiscal Year 2019

(in billions of current dollars)

FY 2018 Estimate: FY 2019 Funding Request: Allocated to:
523.7 617.1 Department of Defense Base Budget (051)
83.4 69.0 Overseas Contingency Operations (War Funding)
19.8 21.9 Defense Related Activities at DOE (053)
8.0 8.0 Other Defense Related Funding (054)
634.9 (+4.7 Supplemental) 716.0 Total National Defense Spending Request (050)



Fiscal Year 2019 Overseas Contingency Operations

(in billions of current dollars)

National Defense Spending by Selected Years

Time Period FY Enacted: National Defense Spending:(in billions of 2009 dollars*)


World War II 1945 994
Korean War Peak Spending 1953 532
Vietnam War Peak Spending 1968 524
Peak 1980’s Buildup Spending 1989 538
Proposed Current Spending 2019 590

*Provided by the Office of Management and Budget



Department of Defense Topline Since FY 2001

(in billions of then-year dollars)



Fiscal Year 2019 Base + OCO Discretionary Defense Request by Function

(in billions of current dollars)

FY 2018 Estimate: FY 2019 Funding Request: Allocated to: Delta FY17-FY18
139.8 152.9 Military Personnel +13.1
261.6 283.5 Operations & Maintenance +21.9
125.6 144.3 Procurement +18.8
74.6 92.4 Research and Development (RDT&E) +17.8
8.3 11.4 Construction/Family Housing +3.1
1.9 1.6 Revolving & Management Funds -0.3
611.8 686.1 Total* +74.3

*Estimate due to rounding


Fiscal Year 2019 Base + OCO Discretionary Defense Request by Service

(in billions of current dollars)

FY 2018 Estimate: FY 2019 Funding Request: Allocated to: Delta FY17-FY18
158.4 182.0 Army +23.6
173.0 194.1 Navy +21.1
170.2 194.2 Air Force +24.0
110.3 115.8 Defense-Wide +5.5
611.8 686.1 Total* +74.3

*Estimate due to rounding



Nuclear Weapons and Non-Proliferation

Fiscal Year 2019 Request for National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA)

(in billions of current dollars)

FY 2018 Estimate: FY 2019 Funding Request: Allocated to:
1.9 1.9 Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation
9.2 11.0 Weapons Activities
0.4 0.4 Federal Salaries and Expenses
1.3 1.8 Naval Reactors
12.8 15.1 Total NNSA Request*

*Estimate due to rounding


Fiscal Year 2019 Request for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation (DNN)

(in millions of current dollars)


FY 2018 Estimate: FY 2019 Funding Request: Allocated to:
326.0 318.0 Global Material Security
287.0 332.0 Material Management and Minimization
332.0 279.0 Nonproliferation Construction
124.0 130.0 Nonproliferation and Arms Control
475.0 456.0 Nonproliferation Research and Development
276.0 319.0 Nuclear Counterterrorism and Incident Response Program
83.0 29.0 Legacy Contractor Pensions
2.0 0.0 Global Threat Reduction Initiative
1,905.0 1,863.0 Total Defense Nuclear Non-Total DNN Total*

*estimate due to rounding


Review of DNN Funding Over Last Five Years

FY15 Enacted FY16 Enacted FY17 Enacted FY18 Estimate FY19Requested FY19 vs. FY18
Defense Nuclear Non-Proliferation $1.62 billion $1.94 billion $1.88 billion $1.91 billion $1.86billion – $50 million
Core Non-Proliferation Programs* $1.27 billion $1.36 billion $1.25 billion $1.21 billion $1.24billion + $30 million

*Includes Global Material Security, Material Management and Minimization, Nonproliferation and Arms Control, Nonproliferation R&D.



Review of DNN Funding over last Five Years


Request for Fiscal Year 2019 Selected Nuclear Weapons

(in millions of current dollars)

FY 2018 Request FY 2019 Request Allocated to
2,003.6 2,314.2 Long Range Strike Bomber*
1,884.5 3,710.3 Ohio Submarine Replacement Program (Columbia Class)
179.5 253.9 B61 Tail Kit Assembly
1,270.0 1,236.5 Trident II Ballistic Missile Modifications
215.7 345.0 Ground Based Strategic Deterrent
451.3 615.0 Long Range Standoff Weapon
220.3 399.1 W80-4 Life Extension Program
222.9 224.1 W76-1 Nuclear Life Extension Program
281.1 332.3 W88 Nuclear Alteration Program

*Long range strike bomber will serve both conventional and nuclear missions


State Department and Foreign Operations

State Department and U.S. Agency for International Development Funding in Billions ($)
FY 17 Actual FY 18 Request FY19 Request
State Department/USAID 55.6 37.6         37.8


State Department – Key Department Fundingin Millions ($)
FY 17 Actual FY18 Request FY19 Request
Peacekeeping Operations 659 301 291
Nonproliferation, Anti-Terrorism, Demining and Related Programs (NADR) 970 679 690
Contributions for International Peacekeeping Activities 1,907 1,196 1,196


State Department – Nonproliferation, Antiterrorism, Demining and Related Programsin Millions ($)
FY17 Actual FY 18 Request FY19 Request
Global Threat Reduction 80.0 65.1 67.0
IAEA Voluntary Contribution 94.8 91.9 90.9
Nonproliferation and Disarmament Fund 30.0 5.0 5.0
Terrorist Interdiction Program 33.0 36.0 50.0
CTBT International Monitoring System 30 29 29


Funding for Selected Weapons Systems



System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Request
F-35 Joint Strike Fighter  $10,837.9 million(70 aircraft) $10,692.5 million(77 aircraft)
F-22 Raptor Fighter  $915.5 million $867.0 million
F/A-18E/F Super Hornet Fighter $1,253.1 million(14 aircraft) $1,996.4 million(24 aircraft)
V-22 Osprey Tiltrotor Aircraft $961.8 million(6 aircraft) $1,280.1 million(7 aircraft)
C-130J Hercules Military Transport Aircraft $886.1 million(9 aircraft) $1,571.9 million(10 aircraft)
AH-64E Apache Helicopter $1,441.9 million(50 upgrades and 13 new aircraft) $1,271.3 million(48 upgrades and 12 new aircraft)
CH-47 Chinook Helicopter $415.0 million(6 aircraft) $308.0 million(7 aircraft)
UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopter $1,059.0 million(48 aircraft) $1,420.1 million(68 aircraft)
P-8A Poseidon Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Aircraft $1,609.4 million(7 aircraft) $2,218.9 million(10 aircraft)
E-2D Advanced Hawkeye Early Warning Aircraft $1,116.4
(5 aircraft)
$1,188.8 million(4 aircraft)
KC-46A Tanker $3,052.9 million(15 aircraft) $3,013.1 million(15 aircraft)
F-15 Eagle Fighter  $963.1 million $1,067.1 million



System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Request
CVN 78 “Ford” Class Nuclear Aircraft Carrier $4,638.1 million $1,765.9 million
DDG 51 “Arleigh Burke”  Destroyer $4,013.7 million(2 ships) $5,985.6 million(3 ships)
Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) $1,653.8 million(2 ships) $1,254.4 million(1 ship)
SSN 774 “Virginia” Class Submarine  $5,546.3 million(2 subs) $7,446.4 million(2 subs)




System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Total Cost
Advanced Medium Range Air-Air Missile (AMRAAM) $594.4 million(325 missiles) $652.0 million(363 missiles)
Joint Direct Attack Munition (JDAM) $874.3 million(34,529 units) $1,169.4 million(43,594 units)
Joint Air-to-Surface Standoff Missile (JASSM) $471.7 million(360 missiles) $552.8 million(360 missiles)
Small Diameter Bomb $539.6 million(7,402 units) $623.5 million(8,086 units)
Hellfire Missiles $711.1 million(7,664 missiles) $625.3 million(7,045 missiles)



System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Total Cost
Ground-Based Midcourse Defense $1,944.8 million $2,101.8 million
AEGIS BMD $2,073.7 million $1,669.1 million
THAAD $1,289.2 million $1,149.3 million
Patriot/PAC-3 $681.8 million $526.6 million
PAC-3/MSE Missile $1,106.0 million(240 MSE interceptors) $1,131.3 million(240 MSE interceptors)



System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Total Cost
Advanced Extremely High Frequency $453.0 million $768.0 million
Evolved Expendable Launch Vehicle (EELV) $1,861.5 million(3 systems) $1,950.0 million(5 systems)
Global Positioning System $1,120.5 million $1,490.7 million
Space Based Infrared System (SBIRS) $1,505.3 million $842.1 million



System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Total Cost
Abrams Tank  $1,213.9 million(56 upgrades) $2,657.4 million(135 upgrades)
Joint Light Tactical Vehicle $1,142.7 million(2,777 units) $1,961.5 million(5,113 units)
Amphibious Combat Vehicle $340.5 million $265.7 million



System FY’18 Total Cost FY’19 Total Cost
MQ-1B/MQ-lC Predator/Grey Eagle  $174.4 million(11 units) $114.7 million(10 units)
MQ-9 Reaper Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)  $1,009.9 million(16 units) $911.7 million(29 units)

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