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From: IAEA Special Agent Berg

IAEA Position

I: Stated mission and goals of nuclear oversight and non-proliferation organizations.

In cooperative unison the IAEA, NSG and Zangger++ international regimes and organizations strive to affirm steadfast cooperation between states to safeguard the responsible use, disposal and proliferation of peaceful nuclear energy. From individual member state participation, our organizations have amassed and implemented imperative safeguards to ensure the responsible ownership and utilization of fissile materials and their relevant instruments. Imperative standards of which we benefit globally.
Member states recognize the critical importance of safeguarding nuclear materials through aligned stringent and universal guidelines and verification regimes that value and recognize member state participation. Member states understand their obligations and the procedures of the IAEA, NSG and Zangger++ organizations which thoroughly seek to ensure international accountability and safety. Participation in these international instruments of peace, promote the duties and prioritizes which involve the immense responsibility of owning fissile materials and/or equipment through clear, impartial and verifiable methods of transparency.

II: International relationships and efforts towards non-proliferation of fissile material and equipment.

The unconditional and unwavering effort towards a standard of safety and accountability regarding nuclear material has forwarded further member state inclusion and established clear and unprecedented nuclear energy standards. Embodying persisting and agreed upon values the IEAE, NSG and Zangger++ groups stand unilaterally in their goals and principles in monitoring current nuclear possession and preventing proliferation among state and non-state actors. Utilizing our unique instruments and capabilities for gathering information and implementing verification procedures which are trustingly enshrined by member states, we continue lasting cooperation. Cooperation which promotes transparency and the creation of effective and efficient strategies in maintaining current nuclear order, and seeking internationally desired and agreed upon outcomes. Using our resources while taking account of current and relevant actors in promoting the core notion of peaceful, accountable and transparent nuclear energy maintained and over-sought by these non-state entities is our highest priority.
Fostering dialog and the spread of information, we intently work to limit the spread of nuclear materials. Based on the protocols of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and Nuclear Test-Ban Treaty, our organizations strive to limit new nuclear actors. Preventing the production and enrichment of fissile materials throughout the Middle East is an utmost inter-organizational effort and outcome member states work towards. Monitoring nuclear equipment and technology allows a broad and accurate assessment of potential violations of international treaties and ensures international safety.

III: Methods for continued cooperation in preventing weapons proliferation.

Promoting peaceful nuclear usage while diverting weapons production are necessary assurances for the international community. Through IAEA resolutions last year (2017) the general conference calls upon member states in assuring measures to establish a nuclear-weapon-free-zone (NWFZ) within the Middle East.
This resolution understands the urgent need for all States in the Middle East to allow the application of thorough IAEA safeguards for attaining the entire scope of all state nuclear activities. Allowing transparency which builds upon international confidence building and promotes previously established international treaties. The IAEA director General El Baradei is in full consultation with NGA and Zanger++ group leaders and state partnerships to facilitate the application of full-scope and timely safeguards for the Middle-Eastern region.
Requesting assistance from states, particularly those with unique international responsibility in maintaining global peace and security to provide all available assistance in achieving desired and necessary outcomes in limiting regional proliferation. Continuing Middle East peace talks and multilateral discussions with the aim of comprehensive nuclear arms control will assure regional and global security to promote mutual confidence and strategy for the Middle East and world.

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