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From: Ambassador Nickerson

I need you!

I need you as an ally and signatory in reducing / eliminating Western – backed influence from the Middle East.
Under UN Article 51 and UN Charter 2(4), the United States, NATO Europe, Israel, and the Gulf Cooperative Council have violated precedent with military intervention in Syria. Because Iran and Russia have been invited by the Syrian Government, we are legally defending the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Syrian Government, another ally and member of the United Nations.
I need help writing a resolution.
-Jesse Nickerson, Iran.

  1. Democratic People's Republic of Korea UN Office of Disarmament Affairs

    North Korea is a partner in this endeavor, we too wish for the sovereignty of states to be acknowledged and respected across the world. We will assist anyway we can to draft a treaty expressing these values and concerns and ultimately to end the illegal bombardment and provocation by Western countries onto Syria.

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