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From: Missile Specialist Gooding-Lord

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Intelligence Bulletin


Syria – 22 April 2018

14:45 [UTC+3:00]


Subject: Syrian Regime Cancels MTCR Diplomacy Talks

Type: Diplomacy Deterioration

Status: Elevated



Bashar Al-Assad has canceled the scheduled negotiations with MTCR chairmen HAM Sang-wook to discuss MTCR partnership and the potential accession of Syria to the MTCR.  Upon cancellation, Assad’s foreign relations minister gave no indication of if or when the diplomacy talks would be rescheduled. The regime has failed to address this cancellation and has postponed the talks indefinitely.



Loss of diplomatic relations with international regimes

Heightened sense of instability within the regime

Diminished respect of the Syrian regime amongst international organizations


Requested Response:

Issue a formal apology to HAM Sang-wook, chairmen of the MTCR. Additionally, establish and commit to a top priority meeting to reinstate the diplomacy talks.


Failure to act:

The Syrian regime will lose all respect in the international community of organizations working towards counter proliferation and increased humanitarian safety. Continued inaction will offend all international organizations and decrease Syria’s ability to work with these organizations.



To cancel the scheduled diplomacy talks and not properly address the lack of respect shown by not rescheduling sets the tone of the Syrian regime’s attitude toward disarmament for the conference in the coming days.



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