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From: Interpol Special Agent Capolungo

Chemical Weapons Transfer



Special Agent Dominic Capolungo

Intelligence Bulletin

Subject:Chemical Weapons Smuggling

Type:Chemical Weapons



Action: Interpol has received information that a cargo ship coming from North Korea is carrying chemical weapons in route to the Middle East.  It is suspected that these weapons will be used to further escalate the conflict in the region.

Impact: Illegal Chemical Weapon Use

Imminent Humanitarian Crisis

Illegal Weapon Smuggling

Unnecessary human suffering

Loss of innocent life


Requested Response:

Immediate assistance for Interpol Agents to intercept the shipment.  States within the United Nations must look to find the source of these weapons and act accordingly to prevent further illegal smuggling within the International Community.


Failure to Act:

Failure to Act by the International Community will only result in unnecessary human suffering and further destabilization of the Middle East.  Weapons will cause future military and civilian casualties within the region.



The International Community is capable of stopping chemical weapons from being transferred across the globe.  Resources and efforts must be pooled together in order to effectively combat this weapon system.  The OPCW/Australia Group and Interpol can only achieve so much without state support.


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