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From: Intelligence Specialist - Noth Asia

Confirmation of Mass Internment Camps for Uighur Muslims


North Asia Intelligence Officer – Frida Silva


Section Chief NA

Chief of Staff – President Martin Widzer

Intelligence Bulletin

China – November 6th, 2018

16:23 EEST

Subject: Confirmation of Mass Internment Camps for Uighur Muslims


Event: China massively increased security spending in 2017 in the far-western region of Xingjian, where hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being detained. Satellite data shows a spike of new spike in security facilities. Government officials insist they are training facilities. Xinjian’s budget figures “reflect patterns of spending consistent with the construction and operation of highly secure political re-education camps design to imprison hundreds of thousands of Uighurs with minimal due process.

Action: It is worth considering sanctioning China over human rights abuses and violations of freedom of expression, religion, and privacy. Intelligence officers are assisting with information on China’s Human Rights Record that will be reviewed the following Wednesday, the 14th. I strongly urge UN peacekeepers to monitor the area as there is no immediate halt to the capture of Muslims to the camps.








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