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From: Station Chief - NATO

Intel Bulletin

Europe + Canada Nato Michelle P.
Director of Communications
Under secretary for Human RIghts
Secretary of Commerce
Chief of Staff

Nato Bulletin
November 9, 2018
9 A.M.
GMT + 1
Subject: US uses WMD in Poland and Russia/ Poland launched missile into Russia
Status: Urgent
Event: Attack on Poland from US with WMD confirmed by NATO. Death Toll in Poland went from 560 to 660 doing $34000000 worth of damage. Poland Launch missile into Russia on 10/ 29/ 2018 at 9:11 killing 880 people in Russia and doing $6000 worth of damage. Military in Russia and Poland have been mobilizing, and building up weapons. Before the WMD strike on Poland, the county was on an anti- nuclear protest. Poland has now been building up military weapons that may be used to go to war.
Actions: Provide reparations for Poland in forms of aid. Defuse Military Actions. Communicate with Poland about military weapon build up. No more WMD launching into Europe.

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