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From: Intelligence Specialist - Arabian Peninsula Schenk

1st Intel Bulletin

Intelligence Officer MENA- Alex Berg
Station Chief MENA Under Secretary Arms Control
Secretary of Defense

Intelligence Bulletin
Cyrenaica Province, Eastern Libya- 6 November 2018
14:30 EEST
Subject: ISIL Chemical Weapons Specialist Movement into Libya
Status: Imminent
Events: Intelligence tracking movement of ISIL chemical weapons specialist Ismail Alwaan al-Ithawi fleeing hiding outside of Raqqa, Syria. Intercepted communications indicate al-Ithawi has sought refuge in ISIL stronghold within Cyrenaica Province Libya. On 28 October a chemical heist from a train slated for Tripoli successfully obtained the compounds necessary large-scale production of mustard gas. ISIL is suspected to be behind the chemical theft. If successful in reaching Cyrenaica Province al-Ithawi will have access to the compounds necessary to inflict a large-scale chemical attack.

Action: Incoordination with the Egyptian military and Intelligence, monitoring suspected movement towards the South Eastern Libyan border. With high confidence and limited potential for collateral damage targeting al-Ithawi’s convoy with a limited drone strike. Eliminating the implications of al-Ithawi’s expertise with the materials needed for an ISIL chemical attack at an unknown location(s).

Est Cost of Military Assistance: $800,000


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