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From: Intelligence Specialist - Noth Asia

Commercial Satellites Reveal North Korean Missile Base



North Asia Intelligence Officer – Frida Silva


Section Chief NA

Chief of Staff – President Martin Widzer

Intelligence Bulletin

India – November 13th, 2018

16:23 EEST

Subject:Commercial Satellites Reveal North Korean Missile Base

Status: Moderate

Event: Commercial satellite imagery has revealed the location and layout of an undisclosed North Korea missile base, including deep underground tunnels designed to house weapons.

The base is known as the Sakkanmole missile operating base. It is located around 85 miles northwest of the South Korean capital of Seoul.  The base consists of a series of above-ground buildings including barracks and vehicle maintenance facilities as well as undergrounds tunnels that hold the trucks that carry the facilities as well as underground tunnels that hold the trucks that carry the missiles. This facility likely houses a shorter range North Korean missiles that could possibly be used to strike South Korea in the event of war.

We believe there are in the neighborhood of 20 similar bases scattered throughout Gwangju, Gyeongju, Soul, and Busan. Some of these spaces house short-range missiles. Some can strike farther afield including targets in Japan and the United States.

It is unclear whether the missiles would be armed with nuclear or conventional warheads. Some of the bases are nuclear capable.

This is their primary means of strategic deterrence against the U.S South Korea and their allies.

Action: Keep close taps and continue to satellite report on the matter.

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