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From: Intelligence Specialist - Noth Asia

India has Assured Second-Strike Capability



North Asia Intelligence Officer – Frida Silva



Section Chief NA

Chief of Staff – President Martin Widzer

Intelligence Bulletin

India – November 13th, 2018

16:23 EEST

Subject: India has Assured Second-Strike Capability


Event:Increased Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean has prompted the Indian Navy to get 57 new fighter jets, the multirole fighter aircraft, Dassault Rafale, and INS Arihant ship t assure its second-strike capability and deterrence patrol against China.

The Indian Navy has countered this increase through mission-based deployment that are assuring that entry and exit routes of the Indian Ocean Region all al being monitored.

The Indian Government is working along with nations in the Indian Ocean region, in African and in South Asia where there are several initiatives from investments to line of credits.

Indian Navy’s long term plan to ensure presence in the region is to gain two more aircraft carriers. This is central to the Navy’s philosophy to have three aircraft carrier battle groups.

Action: Be on standby for further information.


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