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From: Secretary General Rodriguez

Highlights from a Recent Discussion on the Missile Defense Review

In the meeting over the recently released 2019 Missile Defense Review (MDR), Assistant Secretary Anderson explained the implications of the 2019 MDR for U.S. defense policy. Anderson spoke specifically about five key topics: (1) evolving threat environments; (2) missile defense roles, policy, and strategy; (3) clarification on U.S. missile defense posture and capabilities; (4) growing regional missile defense threats to U.S. forces aboard and America’s allies; (5) and U.S. missile defense program management and future testing.

Significance: This article is significant because it explains Anderson’s five key topics. Furthermore, the articles explains the panel discussions held afterwards. These panel discussions answered key questioned about the 2019 MDR and references the noticeable differences between previous MDRs from the Obama Adminstration in comparison to the Trump Adminstration’s MDRs, mainly focusing on the new threats from China and Russia. Additionally, this meeting was important because the 2019 MDR gives the public insight into the U.S. Department of Defense  and what exactly we are capable of accomplishing. It gives everyday citizens the opportunity to become more knowledgeable about our countriy’s defense.

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