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From: Ayatollah Alsulaiman

Yellow light in Yemen

The article is about the United States opportunity to make peace negotiations in Yemen with the efforts that Saudi Arabia and the UAE made or still making. The difference between two period of times is discussed (During Obama’s presidency and during Trump’s presidency).

Significance: The article is significant because it discussed the significance of three countries that are geographically in the Middle East (Yemen, Saudi Arabia, and The United Araba Emirates) in making peace, and how the United States is relevant to this case and what they can do in order to make peace happen/occur. Additionally, this article is relevant because it shows how the United States will indeed make a difference (depending on the issue, it might be the best option/solution or it can be good or bad or even developed) when they work with issues in the Middle East or even any part of the world. Making peace will definitely be hard to achieve most of the times, but the moral of the story here is everyone is trying to go to the right place/path.

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