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From: Secretary General Fargas

Protocal On Prohibitions Or Restrictions On The Use Of Mines, Booby-Traps And Other Devices

The 2nd protocol of  the conventional arms treaty prohibit landmines and boobytraps on beaches, waterway crossings or river crossings but excludes oceans and inland water ways the subsequent articles bind the parties to be responsible with mines by tracking  placement and having means to disable them to prevent harm to civilians or U.N peacekeeping forces.These protocols also require information of placement and ordinance type after hostilities have ceased.

Significance: This protocol limits the widespread and unregulated deployment of ordinances in war and peace times outside of military installations this prevents the likelihood of casualties to non war participants during and after hostilities through tracking methods to aid in the of clean up and prevents devices being created to only disfigure victims inhumanly.

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