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From: UN Press Secretary Lehnerz

Extending New START is a No-Brainer–And Yet, We Can’t Count On It

The New START deal, negotiated between the United States and Russia under the Obama administration, is set to lapse in 2021, unless renewed by both parties. As it stands, without participating in the INF, this treaty is the only US-Russian nuclear agreement in place. The Trump administration has brushed off renewing this treaty, with the president criticizing the scope of the treaty. The US would do well in renewing the treaty for the next 5 years to avoid an increase in Russian production of missiles, submarines, and bombers. House Democrats may need to push negotiations in the US to make this happen.

Impact: New START is not a bad deal for the US and it is in its interest to continue the deal. The treaty does not impact current production or stock in the US. It also creates a line of communication about quantities of weapons and strategies between the US and Russia, which is crucial to preventing arms races.

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