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From: President Perez

Hanoi Summit Ends Abruptly: What’s Next?

Summary: This article talks about the summit that happened between Kim Jong Un and U.S President Donald Trump. In their talks, the meeting ended early, and not much came out of the summit. But, there were some talks and some ideas were exchanged. Even though the summit ended early, both leaders want to discuss more in the future.

Significance: The second summit between North Korea and the U.S did not get much production out of it. North Korea and the U.S had talks about nuclear disarmament and end to the Korean war, but negotiations stopped. After the summit, both countries released statements. North Korea wanted the U.S to lift their sanctions, and they would partially disarm. The U.S said they would lift their sanctions entirely, if North Korea disarmed completely. When neither side reached agreements, they both walked away from the table. This is a great example of BATNAs where neither side agrees, and both sides walk away. Both sides still feel that these summits are not over. Even though nothing came out of this summit, both sides are hopeful that future talks will take place.

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