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From: President Perez

How Congress Can Leverage Action on New START

Summary: This article talked about how the Trump administration has failed to make an agreement to reduce nuclear dangers with Russia. Instead, the Trump administration is taking steps back and creating more tensions with Russia. The article urges the U.S to extend the NEW START treaty and to stop production of nuclear weapons as long as Russia stays under their nuclear limit as laid out by the NEW START treaty.


Significance: Ever since JFK, there has been an agreement between the U.S and Russia to limit nuclear danger. In the Trump administration however, they have failed at any talks with Russia. During their summit, no agreements were reached. Along with not reaching an agreement, Russia and the U.S have raising tensions in regards to the INF treaty. Russia has said they would sign an extension to NEW START, but the U.S has failed to follow up on the extension. Instead, some people including the National Security Advisor are critics of the treaty and want to draw a new one up. The only problem is that the treaty is set to expire by 2021 and it will take years to create a new treaty to take the present one’s place. Without NEW START and the INF treaties, this can lead to a buildup of nuclear arms with no limits.

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