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From: President Thomas

Russia Federation


 Official country/region name: Russian Federation


What are your countries/regional objectives?


  • The Russian Federation wants to expand their territory to reassert themselves as a regional and world power and stop the spread of western influence. Russia needs weapons of all sorts to execute its agenda throughout the region.


What treaties has your country/region signed?


  • SALT I, SALTII, START I, START II, START III Framework, SORT, NEW Start, INF, Presidential Nuclear Initiative.


How do the treaties your country or region have signed effect your stated objective?


  • These treaties are the foundation of nuclear deals in Russia and the world. Though these treaties are only aimed to limit the overall productions of nuclear weapons it is a start to denuclearization.


Where do you get your weapons?


  • Most are produced within Russia


In terms of arms, where does your country land? Advanced, developing, fledgling?


  • Advanced: Chemical, Biological, Radiological/Radioactive, Nuclear, Small Arms


What security threats does your country/region have (why have weapons)?


  • Russia does not have any threats to its security per say. Their expansionist agenda is what drives their increase in arms. Thought Russia dose view the US as a threat, so they modernize their arsenals.
  • Think of this in more terms of threats to security that will cause an increase of arms.


What, if any, are current arms control issues in your country/region?


  • The IMF treaty is no longer aggreged upon. There may be a buildup of weapons for potential conflict in the future



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