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From: Ayatollah Alsulaiman

Kuwait on the Non-Proliferation Treaty and Israel


The article is about Kuwait wanting Israel must join the Non-Proliferation Treaty and subject its nuclear sites. Adding the fact that Israel is the only country in the Middle East that is not a part of this treaty. The prime minister of foreign affairs of Kuwait is also concerned about any country using any type of weapon any time and anywhere considering it as a violation of international law. While Kuwait is reiterating the Non-Proliferation treaty, the world is still facing difficulties with nuclear weapons.


Significance: If making Israel a part of the treaty would be possible/success one day, it might help with the idea of solving the Israeli-Palestine conflict. Additionally, not violating international law and not using weapons anytime, anywhere should be one of top priorities to achieve a safer world, as if this happens it might cause problems and difficulties with dealing with having a large number of weapons in any country that is unnecessary and hard to control.

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