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From: President Chavez

Syrian Stance

The Government of Syria knows far too well the effects that the over involvement of the United States can have on a country. Our country has been in Civil War for the last 8 years as opposition groups seek to overthrow our regime. The West has not only been vocal with anti-Assad propaganda but they have also provided training and weapons to the rebels making them partly to blame for the lengthy and costly conflict in Syria. The United States needs to make a change and start supporting the sovereignty of our country instead of funding terrorist groups who are killing thousands.

The Syrian government does not agree with the United States demanding that the Russian government cut ties with Venezuela when they are the ones who have unparalleled international military presence throughout the globe. We stand behind our great allies in Russia, who have supported us at one of the worst times in our countries history. We believe in the benefits that come with a country being able to self-regulate and arm. The Syrian government takes a stance against the United States when it comes to the Latin American Arms Trade Treaty and supports the foreign influence taking place in Venezuela.

Despite their own belief, the United States government does not always have the answers. In our country, bombings made by the United States left hundreds of civilians killed or displaced. Their funding of Rebel groups has not ceased the violence in Syria, instead it has made it more severe.

Instead of allowing the United States to take away foreign influence in Latin America, the Syrian government suggests that a legitimate and accountable infrastructure be put in place along with verification regimes. We believe in aiding Venezuela gain autonomy and assert their sovereignty internally with foreign influence as needed.

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