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From: Secretary General Rodriguez

Can Trump and Putin Head Off a New Nuclear Arms Race?

This article explains how recent U.S.-Russian relations has implemented a new nuclear arms race, using the U.S. 2018 Nuclear Posture Review as evidence. The article provides that with recent U.S.-Russian relations being so negative the U.S. has cause for concern and this is shown in the actions taken by the U.S. to spend more than $1.7 trillion over 30 years on maintenance and upgrading of its nuclear delivery systems and associated warheads and supporting infrastructure.


While maintenance is a typical thing for nuclear weapons, the added upgrades to systems seem a little suspicious.  This can be seen as a threat by the U.S. to Russia and could potentially lead us to a new arms race in which we might not survive. That along with the recent developments in the U.S. leaving the INF Treaty can make one think twice about whether or not the U.S. is trustworthy of Russia.

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