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From: Secretary General Rodriguez

Responses to Violations of the Norm Against Chemical Weapons


Despite the UN’s efforts, Syria has continued to challenge the international norms against the use of chemical weapons, even after signing the CWC. Reports coming from the UN has confirmed the Assad Regime’s use of the weapons several times over the past eight years. This article gives context to Syria’s use of chemical weapons and explains strategies towards a stronger international response and what the next steps are in eliminating chemical weapons from the region as well as making sure Assad follows through with the regulations and restrictions on these weapons.


Syria has continued to use chemical weapons on their opposition as well as civilians without regards to humanitarian rights. Yet the international community has yet to actually enforce punishments beyond sanctions and removal of aid. The Assad Regime has the power of the Syrian government behind him, the lack of aid will not affect him and the sanctions imposed will not stop him. The international community needs to go a step further and actually stop him from using these weapons. Russia needs to comply with international efforts to stop chemical attacks and allow the international community to do more and actually hold Assad accountable.

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