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From: Secretary General Rodriguez

Trump’s Dangerous Missile Defense Buildup

The Trump Administration’s Missile Defense Review was finally released. This article explains how critical it is to U.S. foreign relations, especially with the concerns from the international community about potential threats to national security. The MDR is seen as more costly and risky than ever before and it could have adverse reactions by China and Russia, with the MDR being seen as a threat to stability and security.


The possibility for a new arms race is an idea that might not seem so distant after all. After the 2018 NPR and the newly released (and long-awaited) Missile Defense Review, it can be said that the U.S. is preparing for the future of arms. While at one point, we saw arms races as glances into our modern future, this arms race could be a glance into the cause of the end of humans as we know it. Those who are left will be fueled by ensuring the mistakes of our past do not happen again, potentially meaning any more arms.

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