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From: Inspector Shinrock

Yongbyon Nuclear Complex: Normal Operations with Low Level Activity

North Korea’s Yongbyon Nuclear Research Facility is continuing normal operations according to the most recent satellite surveillance. Even with ongoing efforts to continue talks between North Korea and the United States, many experts that the Kim regime will still conduct activities related to its nuclear program as a show of strength. Other findings from the satellite images show that the dam near the facility may fail which could result in loss of water needed for cooling the radioactive materials at the facility.

OUTLOOK: The satellite surveillance images allows the international community to know the status of activities at the Yongbyon Nuclear Complex. There will be continued surveillance of all of North Korea’s nuclear facilities and the findings will be important and help determine the future of talks between Kim and Trump. Also, If the dam does fail and access to water for cooling becomes scarce it will be interesting to see how North Korea handles what could potentially be a crisis situation as other states monitor their activities.

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