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From: Intelligence Specialist - Arabian Peninsula Schenk

IDF Bombs Gaza Strip, Rockets Launched into Israel

Earlier this morning, IDF (Islamic Defense Force), performed targeted airstrikes on the Gaza Strip. Attacks were against PIJ training compounds, weapons manufacturing sites, as well as the successful targeted assassination of PIJ leader Bahaa Abu Al-Ata. The strike also killed his wife and injured two of his children. IDF claimed this was targeted in response to Al-Ata’s plans to attack Israeli Citizens and IDF. PIJ also claimed deaths of five citizens and dozens of injuries resulted from the attacks.

An hour after the strikes, sirens wailed over Israel as around 200 rockets were dropped on civilian targets. Several of these rockets hit homes and businesses, resulting in 39 injuries, including an eight year old girl who collapsed while running for shelter in Holon. Israeli President Reuven Rivlin proclaimed support for IDF, as the targets were of strategic security importance to Israel. Islamic Jihad Secretary-General Ziad al Nakhaleh claimed that the group is at war after the unprovoked attacks. Hamas claimed that Israel would suffer the consequences of the attacks.

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