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From: Intelligence Specialist - The Americas Camacho

Latin America’s Protest

12 November 2017

15:45 EEST

Subject: Mexico has played down friction with the U.S.

Status: Heightened

Event: Mexico has played down the friction with the Untied States after there was a reverse on a pledge not to intervene in affairs to other countries and offering asylum to the Ex-Bolivian president. Because of this, there might be a slight change in the relationship that Mexico has with the United States. Mexico is now condeming human rights abuses in Venezuela so bringing Evo Morales to Mexico is going to create tensions with the United States. There are now protests going on in Bolivia about the asylum that was granted to Morales in Mexico.

Action: There was never tension between Mexico and Bolivia, but now that this asylum was granted to Morales it is creating an issue between these two countries. U.S. forces are armed and are being supported by the Bolivian troops because they do not agree on the action that was taken. Protests are trying to be calmed down by forces but they are getting out of hand. The United States wants to deploy forces to Bolivia to help with any problem that starts to breakout.

Est Cost:

Military Assistance: $900,000

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