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From: Intelligence Specialist - Europe Valdiviezo

terrorism against kids in school


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Flash Bulletin


18:44 EEST (UTC + 3:00)


Subject: hundreds of children kidnapped from school

Type: Humanitarian crisis 

Status: urgent  


Rebels from an unknown terrorist group took over a school and kidnapped hundreds of children. According to witnesses, the group is dressed up with white clothes and they are on big numbers. They seem to be related to the terrorist attack in Nigeria, where dozens of children lost their lives due to a chemical substance dropped at a school. There are many vehicles from the same group outside the school, from which is believed that they will be taking the children someplace else. 


It is a matter of minutes for this terrorist group to take the children, therefore, it is necessary and recommended that the European aid agencies must be deployed to prevent this kidnapping 

Est. Cost:

Humanitarian Aid: $ 250,000


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