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From: Intelligence Specialist - Russia and China

Russia Breif 11/13/2019

Flash Bulletin
Minsk – 13 November 2019
13:50 EEST [UTC + 3:OO

Subject: Russia has invaded Belarus

Status: Heightened

Russia has invaded Belarus claiming that due to Belarus being part of the Soviet Union, Russia has a right to take it over. The Belarussian President, Lukashenko has agreed to this, but the Belarussian people show deep discontent, foreshadowing possible violence

It is recomended that The United States severly repremands Russia for its breech of soverignty through economic sanctions and possibly millitary reinforcement. If nothing is done like in Crimea, it will set a prescedent that will encourage Russia to repeat its actions. 

Millitary Assistance: $ 5 Million

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