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From: Intelligence Specialist - Central and Eastern Europe Barrows

Ukrainian military preparing to retake occupied Crimea

Intelligence/Military Bulletin

KIEV – 19 November 2019

14:25 EEST   [ UTC + 3:00]


Subject: Ukrainian military preparing to retake occupied Crimea

Type: Military


Status: Heightened


Event: On the 18th of November Volodymyr Zelensky, the president of the Ukraine, along with the Ukrainian defense minister Andriy Zagorodniuk, decided to embark on a military campaign aimed at retaking Crimea in response to the Russian invasion of Belarus. The Ukrainian government is requesting that the United States and NATO help in its goals by supplying the Ukraine with more arms capable of driving Russian military forces out of Crimea and eventually out of the rebel controlled Donbass which shares its border with Russia.


Action: It is recommended that the U.S./NATO supply the Ukrainian military with the type of arms needed in order to end the Russian occupation of Crimea. This more specifically would include anti-tank and anti-air weapons. If the Ukrainian military is unable to drive Russia from occupied Crimea then it may become necessary to deploy NATO and U.S. troops if the liberation of Crimea is a goal this administration wishes to see accomplished.


Est. Cost: Military Aid: $10 million (Initially, potentially a higher cost if more military aid is needed)

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