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From: Intelligence Specialist - Arabian Peninsula Schenk

Jordanian Aid Offer

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan offers an initial $1 million in aid in the interests of this coalition. Jordan is willing to consider an increase in this amount after discussions. Jordan recommends that this coalition consider backchannel negotiations with the groups we are considering sending aid to in an effort to best serve these groups and encourage more stable relations with those we are looking to support. This is in the overall interest of a more secure and stable Middle East in which each of our states may thrive and prosper.

  1. Ambassador -Inactive-

    The United Kingdom applauds this decision – hopefully with our combined efforts we can bring stability to the region and hope to its citizens. I hope that this move will make Israel offer aid in this area as well given their relationship with both of our countries and the powerful presence they have in the region.

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