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From: Arms Inspector Alsulaiman

State of Kuwait’s profile

Since its independence in 1961, the State of Kuwait has pursued a balanced, fair, and ambitious foreign policy with openness and connectedness with the international community. Kuwait’s initiatives are aimed at achieving international peace and security while attaining the principals of shared friendship with various countries around the world. As the initial step on the diplomatic front, the Ministry of Foreign affairs was established in August 1961 with an Amiri decree. Dictating the establishment of the Foreign Affairs office specializing exclusively in performing the Foreign Affairs’ duties of the State. Which has evolved thereafter to form the first Ministry of the State of Kuwait.

Main Principles of The State of Kuwait’s Foreign Policy: –

  • Respect the sovereignty of nations.
  • Pursue a policy of no interference in the internal affairs of other nations.
  • Maintain good neighborly relations.
  • Maintain international legitimacy and the rule of international law.
  • Maintain international peace and security.
  • Call for peace solutions to international disputes through dialogue and peaceful means.
  • Work on achieving the goals and principles of the United Nations Charter.

The State of Kuwait’s Foreign Policy Goals: –

  • Protect the interest of the State in matters of defense, security, and politics, as the first line of defense.
  • Protect the interest of the Arab Gulf, Arab Nation, and Islamic Nation.
  • Protect the interests of the State and its citizens abroad.
  • Support the noble global efforts for international peace and security.
  • Commit to international legitimacy and resolutions.
  • Mediate regional and international conflicts.
  • Work towards a Middle East free of Weapons of Mass Destruction.
  • Work towards strengthening the Cooperation Council for the Arab States of the Gulf.
  • Work towards strengthening Arab – Arab cooperation and solidarity.
  • Offer humanitarian assistance to affected countries.
  • Display the State of Kuwait’s significant humanitarian role.
  • Work towards activating humanitarian and preventative diplomacy.
  • Reinforce the State of Kuwait’s foreign diplomatic presence globally.



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