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From: Station Chief Eurasia

Russian Stance on Nat Sec

The Russian Federation is proud to be a founding leader within the international community.  As has been the case in the past, the Russian Federating shall continue to prevent all incursions into sovereign countries from “world powers”. We reaffirm our dedication to all ethnic Russian citizens worldwide. In doing so, we shall take any and all measures to protect these ethnic populations against all threats domestic or foreign. Evermore, we shall base our conduct upon the conduct of other nations and will. At no times, allow ourselves or our allies to succumb to negative actions or punitive measures by any State, State entity, or organization(s).


That being the case, it is the Russian Federations stance that a decrease in conventional weapons across the world shall result in a more stable platform for further diplomatic negotiations between all nations. The Russian Federation pledges to approach any negotiations with the aim to reduce the trade and sale of conventional weapons to any group or nation that we (the Russian Federations) deems illegitimate. However, we shall continue to champion all legitimate groups and governments especially ones that “world powers” deem as illegitimate based on the fact that these “illegitimate” governments are not willing to jump at the western world’s demand.


Arms control among many other issues are world issues and needs world solutions. We ask that all nations put aside their personal distaste for one another and unite to make the world safer and to build the foundation in which we the developed nations can provide a pathway for development to nations in desperate need.

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