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From: Ambassador

The Islamic Republic of Mauritanian Stance on Nat Sec

The Islamic Republic of Mauritania is proud to be a member of the Africa Union and Islamic development band. First and foremost, we categorically deny any accusations of human rights violations in the form of slavery. The Islamic Republic of Mauritania has had a tenuous transition from French imperialism to establishing our self as the only Islamic Republic in Africa. In doing so, contracts between families were negotiated but are not akin to slavery or indentured servitude.


In terms of international security, we have benefited from close relationships with China and the United States. One major benefit is the port of Nouakchott in which all business is recorded and reported to all qualifying international agencies. We work with the United States to train for Counter-Terrorism operations though we do not have any terror threats to report.


All actions our government takes will be in order to further the agenda of Mauritania and protect ourselves from influences that would attempt to deny our rights as the Islam Republic. We will continue to try to conduct business to improve the livelihood of our citizens. We are willing to work with international health organizations to attempt to prevent the spread of malaria and polio.

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