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From: Secretary of Defense Hatcher

Info request

I was just wondering if I could get those names and positions for the station chiefs that sent up the original reports that we were review yesterday so I can contact them over more information.

Also, want to ask if I missed anything after leaving after 11 for my other class

Sec. of Defense Geoff Hatcher

  1. Ambassador Ambassador

    Caroline Schenk – MENA Station Chief: sent up the original report about the Iranian attack on US Base in Iraq.

    Lauren Ore – Secretary of Homeland Security: Report about the protests at the US-Mexico border in Ambos-Nogales, to prevent U.S. citizens entering Mexico because of covid-19.
    Intelligence Specialist North America – Lauren Ore: Also sent the original bulletin about Canada recalling troops from Iraq because of covid-19.

    Breonna Alcon (she’s in the other class) – UN High Commission for Refugees: sent the bulletin about fighting in Libya is creating a refugee problem.

    Let me know if you want me to send you those bulletins.

    The only thing you missed yesterday, specific to you, is going forward I will arrange the meeting agenda so that we do the do the defense related items earlier. I didn’t realize you were one of the people who needs to tap out by 11am. We wrapped up the simulation part of class, right after you and Lisa left. POTUS did also mention to contact him if your interested in being a terrorist.

    Chief of Staff Melissa Randall

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