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From: Peacebuliding Leslie Stelmach Stelmach

Secretary General for Peace Building Operations

As Secretary General for Peace Building Operations, it is my objective to prevent deadly conflict and build a sustainable peace around the world. 

  1. We know that there will always be conflict, but we are determined to avoid anytime of deadly and mass violence.  We want to educate on different ways to avoid these conflicts, thus our end goal is to flight for peace and stable relationships among states.
  2. Our objectives:

1) To strengthen relationships between conflict driven countries and to propose integrated strategies for post-conflict peace building and recovery;

2) To focus on reconstruction and institution-building efforts to lay the foundation to start building sustainable development for post-conflict ridden countries;

3) To provide resources and information to all relevant actors on coordination and relationship building; as well as predictable financial recovery in post-conflict states.

C) Policies:

1) To focus on conflict ridden states.  Inform and provide resources to those states that are already in severe trouble.

2) Start the process of building bridges between rival states by finding a common ground and ways to proceed towards a stable future.

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