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From: Intel Officer - S. W. Asia Hood

Considerations for use of force against Iran


Classified                                                    AAH-SWA-MIL


Memorandum for Secretary of Defense Hatcher

Washington D.C.- 23 April 2020

00:02 EST

Subject: Use of WMD against Iran

     Intel points to clear Iranian involvement in the abduction of POTUS. On its face this is an act of war. In the event POTUS is killed a last resort measure must be considered for retaliation. Use of a WMD against Iran would be a world-changing event. The US would draw the ire of most of the international community. Russia and China would use it as leverage against future US geopolitical interests in the Middle East. It could further destabilize the Middle East as well. The stock market would most likely take a drastic hit for fears of a nuclear holocaust, and the potential for a global economic crash would substantially increase.

    Though the US would be condemned for the use of WMD’s, losing a president in such a fashion could not go without a serious response. If POTUS were to be killed the US would be weakened politically and internationally embarrassed. Moreover, Americans would feel much less safe at home. Use of such weapons could restore confidence in US security both home and abroad. Russia and China would be disinclined to use WMD’s against the US, opting to deescalate the situation instead. Furthermore, there would be no need for either nation to use a WMD against the US, because their nations would not have been directly attacked. Immediate assurances would have to be given to the international community that the US will refrain from using additional WMD’s. A reduction in the US nuclear arsenal may be called for by the UN. A WMD would drastically reduce the threat of future Iranian attacks against the US. There is a chance the US would win support from a portion of the international community, though a large portion seems unlikely.

Cost: $90 Billion per WMD




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