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From: Intel Officer - Sub Sahara Africa Fargas Fargas Fargas Fargas

Ethiopia Tigray conflict

Ethiopian government forces have been fighting against a powerful regional government in the country’s north which threatens to create a civil war. the rival Tigray People’s Liberation Front are accused of launching an attack on Ethiopia military personnel, the Tigray group comprises of peoples who identify as ethnic Tigrayans who make upĀ  6% of Ethiopia’s population, the current government dismantled their political party that had controlled the country for 30 years in favor of more democratic and inclusive politics The EPRDF, which then appointed Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who as of late has been accused of defying the federal constitution and extending his presidential term, his reasoning being the Current Covid-19 pandemic. EPRDF has stated that the TPLF are attempting to destabilize the country by killing civilians and attempting to assume power in the north through a series of separate election.

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