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From: Chief of Staff Ness Ness Ness Ness

Turkey Intel

Director of National Intelligence Strepman

We need you and Intel Officer Leroux to verify where Turkey attempted to steal nuclear technology from and if they succeeded. It says they were caught, not that they failed.

Secretary of State Bhat

We need you to reach out to the Turkish Foreign Minister and see if this was government action or a rogue group, as well as offer assistance to deal with the the New Turks Revolutionary Front. Obviously they should deny the attempt to steal weaponry if it was them but they may help us if it was a rogue group. I also need you to check in of the Russian Foreign minister and their opinion on troop movements by Turkey in Armenia and Azerbaijan. Don’t let on that we have intel on Turkey and the nuclear weapons yet. Lets find out more on what happening and what they might know before we let that cat out of the bag.

Secretary of Defense Khan

We need a set of military responses depending on the intelligence we gather on what they have and who tried to steal these weapons. This weekends threat assessment should cover our options depending on the outcome from intelligence.

Thanks everyone, have a good weekend

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