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Congressional Brief #2

Congressional Brief : Director of Communications McCabe




EVENT: 21November20 Congress is advised of an increasing anti-Muslim sentiment in Naypyidaw, Myanmar. Facebook has been used as a platform to spread Islamophobic conspiracies. 


CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE: Congress awaits further directive, but is prepared to make a statement regarding the potential outbreak of violence. 


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies to the Senate Commerce Committee on Monday 23November20 for unrelated reasons. Members of the committee are expected to ask about Facebook’s handling of misinformation, data leaks, and the company’s response to misuse of its platform. Questions regarding the situation in Myanmar, and Facebook’s role are certain to arise. 





EVENT: 16NOVEMBER20 protests turn violent in Lima, Peru after the installment of Francisco Sagasti. A Peacekeeping Operation is requested in the amount of 1.5 Million.


CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE: H.R.20201 – Department of State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act, 2021 is introduced to Congress. This bill provides appropriations for 

  • Administration of Foreign Affairs,
  • International Organizations, and
  • Peacekeeping Operations.

If passed, this bill will allocate a larger proportion of funds to US peacekeeping operations globally. 




EVENT: Venezuela sees 5.2 Million Refugees exit the country in 2020, after years of political unrest. The Guaido Administration remains unpopular, despite widespread international recognition. 

CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE: Congressional leaders seek to pass the H.R.2161 – Venezuelan Refugee Assistance Act. This bill, if passed, would 

  • Grant emergency refugee status to Venezuelan applicants
  • Halt deportation proceedings for Venezuelan aliens provided no criminal history.


EVENT: 17November2020 In the International Zone of Baghdad (Green Zone), US Infrastructure including an embassy came under attack by Iranian backed militia forces. 0 Casualties resulted.

CONGRESSIONAL RESPONSE: Congress awaits further instruction by the President, Cabinet, and Intelligence Community before authorizing the requested amount of 400 Billion for retaliatory strikes. Many MoC are hesitant, fearing the start of another long lasting military engagement.

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