United States Foreign Policy

United States Foreign Policy

Projecting American Leadership Around the World

It is a principle incorporated into the settled policy of America, that as peace is better than war, war is better than tribute
                                                                                                                                                                  -James Madison

From its very foundation, U.S. foreign policy decisions have had a profound impact on not only the strength, security, and prosperity of American citizens; but on that of citizens and nations the world over. This simulation emulates the strategic, institutional, and political structures though which American foreign policy objectives are pursued and highlights the consequences of U.S. foreign policy choices.

The United States Foreign Policy Simulation serves as a capstone project for courses addressing the forging of foreign policy decisions and the projection of American power. Comprising the final six weeks of a sixteen week semester, students draw upon course materials that examine in detail the historical, institutional, and structural mechanisms though which American foreign policy objectives have been pursued in the past and the consequences of those outcomes. Providing practical application to these abstract concepts, students are assigned one of several pivotal foreign policy roles and are forced to confront a variety of real life and course-driven challenges in real time.   


-Nurture an in-depth understanding of the foreign policy process and its implications

-Foster habits of critical thinking which take into account the needs and desires of others

-Develop awareness of America’s unique leadership role within international institutions

-Provide students with piratical skill sets in preparation for careers in the foreign service


∴ Governmental Processes
∴ Critical Thought & Analysis
∴ Consequence Awareness
∴ Negotiation Strategies
∴ Conflict Mediation Techniques
∴ Information Organization
∴ Policy Research Tactics
∴ Professional Oral Communications
∴ Expert Written Communications
∴ Public Speaking and Presentation