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From: Ambassador

Russian response to NATO threats




Intelligence Bulletin 


Moscow – November 30th

16:00 EEST [UTC + 3:00


Subject: Russia has responded to NATO warnings by establishing “red line” for missile deployment, threatening further action. 


Status: Heightened 



After the condemnation of Russia’s military build up along the Ukraine border, Putin responded with a press conference in which he drew a “red line” for NATO deployment of missiles within Ukraine. Putin responded that such an action would force him to defend himself, potentially deploying hypersonic missiles along the Ukraine border if necessary. This comes as Russia, Nato, and Ukraine have all performed military drills in the area, and President  Zelensky alleges the discovery of a Russian planned Coup d’etat. Without caution, this issue may further escalate into a skirmish over the Ukraine territory. 



It is recommended that NATO and US forces negotiate terms of combat to establish a means that NATO can deploy military aid within the area without provoking an exaggerated Russian response. Ideally ground based forces should be deployed to reinforce Ukraine’s defense and provide additional security for President Zelensky. The U.S and it’s allies should also heavily consider the sanctioning of Russia and it’s businesses, as russian Oligarch’s have significant political clout within the country. 


Est. Cost: 

Sanctions: $ 1 Million 

Negotiations: $ 50,000

Ground Forces: $10 Million 

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