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From: Eastern European Station Chief Martinovic

Eastern Europe Intel

17th November 2023
Subject: British Troops safeguarding territory in Eastern Europe
Type: Humanitarian Crisis
Status: Priority
Event: Russian aggression is one of the largest deployments since the Cold war in Eastern
Europe. Russia has violated the territorial integrity of Georgia and Moldova and other Eastern
Europe countries. As a result, of the aggression against Ukraine, the structure of the Eastern
Europe has been overturned especially its security. This has led to Eastern Europe countries are
at the front line against Russia since they often deal with the expansionist impacts caused by
Action; It is recommended to have sanctions of unprecedented complexity and scope
against Russia through welcoming Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine into the Eastern Europe
section. For example, renunciation of the oil and gas imports from Russia and opting for the gas
sold by the United States as one of the ways of supply sources diversification and the
involvement of climate protection solutions.

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