Many thanks to Maryliz Ann Hardware who managed to captured many of the amazing photographs posted throughout this site with little if any disruption to simulation participants.  


Artistic Input

To my students at the Rocky Mountain School of Art and Design who enthusiastically embraced this project and encouraged me to push forward with it’s implementation, I thank you!   Specifically, I would like to send out a special measure of appreciation to Kareema Jernigan (make-up and cast), Kylee Muehlemeyer (set design and cast), Reagan Gustin (cast), Tanner Remus (grip), and Ben Siekierski (cinematographer).  You guys are awesome—I couldn’t have done it with out you!


Staging and Feedback

To the hundreds of students who have played the role of guinea pig throughout my years of experimentation, you should know that the success of this project is as much yours as it is my own. Without your valuable feedback and constructive suggestions for future iterations, this simulations project could not have developed into the robust and pedagogically challenging exercise it has become.

Web Design

Finally, to A. Scott Dupree, I would like to extend a profound and sincere expression of gratitude for making my vision a reality. Throughout this process I was everyday amazed to witness the manner in which you overcame seemingly insurmountable challenges though sheer will and brazen tenacity. It is most assuredly, that without your guidance, endurance and especially patience, this project would not have attained the level of complexity, simplicity, and reliability it has achieved.