ASiPSS Testimonials


First rate instructor. if you want an easy class to screw around in and get easy A's go look somewhere else. If you want a challenging, but forgiving, course that you'll actually learn something in, this is for you. Ask questions and be involved and it'll pay off.

I learned to think! To not just read the headlines and accept that as truth. I also leaned that US foreign policy is not as clear-cut as it often seems. There are many stakeholders (both foreign and domestic) and all their views weigh on the outcome of US decisions and results. Awesome insights.

Dr. Widzer was one of the most engaging instructors I had during my collegiate career. This class in particular was, in his words, a graduate level course being taken by undergrads. As such, the difficulty was there, but he wasn't completely unfair. I did not complete the readings as I should have, and sometimes felt out of my depth during discussion. That said, I learned a great deal. Don't expect him to throw an A at you unless you put in the effort.

Widzer is my favorite professor at CSU, he is willing to guide you on the proper career path in order to be successful. He may appear intimidating initially,yet his personality and teaching strategy inspires growth for a student to critically think.


Very knowledgeable and teaches the class in a style that is very engaging for students..... The movies we watched were actually good movies, not the typical boring documentary or outdated movies you have watched in other classes. The "simulation" project was less stressful than a typical final exam, and I learned more from it too.


Widzer knows his stuff. He has worked in the real world, including at the United Nations as well as working as a bartender/owner. This gives him a insightful yet down-to-earth perspective.


Best professor I've ever had, really knows what he is talking about. Makes class fun and entertaining, you feel like you really learned something in the end.

Sarcastic and funny and has life experience in what he's teaching and uses stories from those experiences to help teach.


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