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A General Appraisal addressed to all Participants

Iran DOES have an intermediate-range nuclear missile and despite what Turkey says, they DO NOT. However Turkey may wish to withdraw from NATO and the NPT and speak to others about acquiring one of their own.


Hezbollah has received a large shipment of conventional intermediate range missiles and vows unprecedented vengeance on anyone who dares challenge them or any of their allies (which besides Iran, is less then obvious).


Pirates seem to have fairly free reign of the seas while the Bedouins are in complete control of the deserts. Both seem to be in cahoots and are intent on smuggling just about anything to make a buck. Can INTERPOL and the international community come up with an effective counter strategy?


  1. Korea has “mated” nuclear intercontinental ballistic missile and is defended by Russian SAADD System.


China has wavered its cooperation in global efforts to reign in the Un regimes. At the same time it has been completely unwavering in its military build-up in the South China Sea.


Russia has obviously lent their support to N. Korea’s right to defended itself, but does that mean they support a nuclear power on the peninsula? Or are they merely using N. Korea as a pawn in their strategy against the US? The questions can be raised in the ME. Do they see Iran / Hezbollah and Turkey as a permanent alliance to balance against the west, or are they merely allies of convenience use to frustrate Western efforts while that make land grabs?


Islamists continue to wreck havoc in an effort to frustrate any all efforts of the international community to act in unison. It seems that anytime movement towards cooperation takes place anywhere in the  world, these “spoilers” conduct terrorist acts in an effort to sow disunity and fear.