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Sponge Bob

Iran – Well, it sounds like you the man with the plan (But note my comments below):

  1. I’d like to back out of the JCPOA and the NPT (you will need to. Your currently violating international law and inviting an attack).
  2. I want to be a P5 power (to P6)
  3. The US needs to drop all sanctions
  4. Israel needs to announce that it has illegally acquired nuclear weapons, or I will assume it does not have them
  5. If Israel strikes Hezbollah I will retaliate with nukes
  6. I have begun the proliferation process and have already adapted mid-range missiles from my arsenal to carry a nuclear weapon. I also purchased ICBM parts from Pakistan (can I do that?) and will have completed the manufacturing process for more than enough of those quite soon. In exchange, I have allowed Pakistan to route the Heroine it smuggles from Afghanistan through my country to the ports and have agreed to cover for it with human rights violations
  7. I will be arming Hezbollah with further weapon capabilities and will be changing the Bedouins into a highly-trained proxy force. They will both be able to rely on me for nuclear support.
  8. I will send the Houthi rebels more non-nuclear missiles to launch at Saudi Arabia
  9. I will be funding the Iraqi Kurds in their movement for independence (but through Hezbollah and then through someone else)
  10. As the only nuclear power in OPEC, I will come up with some incentive to cause all countries producing (specifically the Saudis) to dramatically cut production, and will work with Russia on this to drive up prices. We will bring prices to the point where we make more money through lower output at higher prices, which would presumably be damaging to most importers of Middle Eastern Oil.

I am not so sure about #9

Also, you will need to think though a strategy to become a RESPECTED global power. In that endeavor, who will you ally with: The West? Russia? China? Someone else/ or some how go it alone?

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